What materials do y'all use ?

-The majority of our jewelry is casted in Sterling Silver .925. We also have a Gold Vermeil option for some pieces. 

If you are interested in 14k Gold/ Rose email us at Sangremala0@gmail.com

What is vermeil ? 

-Vermeil is gold plated silver. 

How do I check my ring size ? 

-You've got two options. 

Grab a piece of string, wrap it around your finger, and mark where it meets. Now grab a ruler and measure its length in mm. Pull up a US ring size chart, and you'll be able to determine your sizes.

Or you could walk into a jewelry store, get sized there. Then order with us :)

Do y'all take custom orders?

-Yes we do ! Email us at Sangremala0@gmail.com. Keep in mind each order will be treated differently. 

Can I return/exchange my order ?

-Returns and exchanges are to be determined. 

However you must reach out to us within a week since receiving your order and order must be shipped back 30 days since being received. When shipped tracking should be included. 

Since everything is made to order, restocking fee will be applied